How To Live With Passion, Purpose and Become More Intelligent

In this article, I will talk about how to become more intelligent and being passionate about what you do and discover who you are and your purpose.

Have you heard the phrase “There is always a room for improvement”? This is a common saying that we often hear. People always want to be better, not only for themselves but also for the ones they love. In every aspect of our lives we want to somehow have an “upgrade” starting from the way we look from the way we feel, and now, the way we think or perceive things.

how to live with passionLet’s admit it, it’s an undeniable fact that people give more favor to those who seem to be more intelligent compared to others. They seem to be respected and admired more than those who we are somehow considered as “feeble minded” in one way or the other. Good thing, we will not be needing a “brain operation” just to be more intelligent. All we need is a serious decision to improve, together with some steps that would help us “level up” the way we think.

Steps to be a better thinker

When you live with passion and purpose, you tend to not give up on the things you do because it’s what you’re passionate about. This means you will keep learning and getting better.

Improving your thinking skills doesn’t need to be surgical. As we all know, our brain is capable of improving itself through thorough practice and sheer dedication. That is why, we have we have listed here some of the best ways to improve your IQ level in which by doing so improves the way people look and deal with you.

Read what you are passionate about

Reading as a hobby doesn’t come overnight, especially if you are one of those who really hate reading. But undeniably, reading is one of the best methods to improve the way you think. Through reading, you can enhance your vocabulary as well as the way you perceive things, because reading provides different point of views and somehow experiences to readers as it tackles varied dynasties and societies.

If you aim to inculcate the habit of reading in your life, then you should pack lots of determination and patience with you. Start with thin books of your choice, pocket books perhaps, just to associate yourself with the hobby. If you are one of those people who really appreciate pictures and facts, try magazines as an alternative, Reader’s Digest is a good one. This will somehow let you enjoy reading and would be a good start for thicker and numerous books that you will be reading soon once you become a reader.

Going To Seminars and Events

Beside reading, going to seminars and events can also help. Personal development events like UPW Sydney can help you live your life with purpose and passion. Usually seminar is just an extension of a book. You get to learn the information live.

Playing Games Can Help

21th century has offered us a wide array of electronic ways to learn, one of these is through smart phone applications and games, such as Candy Crush. These smart phone or android games can increase you analytical and critical thinking skills in a fun way, just be sure to be finicky with the games you download, read the description before you play.

Take some tests

There are numerous IQ tests in the internet, though most of these test are inaccurate, taking IQ tests is a good excise for your brain and as well as you’ll also know where does your thinking capability lies, and what’s your starting and current points.

Develop self-awareness and Learn who you really are

There are numerous types of intelligence in these world, such as verbal intelligence and bodily kinesthetic intelligence, you don’t need to force yourself to be someone you’re not. Learn to accept who you really are, what are your capabilities and enhance the Self realization is also a form of intelligence.

In conclusion, improving yourself in any aspect is not an easy task. You need to have a focused mind and a whole lot of patience as well as dedication to pursue change for the better. In the long run, all of your hard work and sweat will be worth it once you hit your goal.

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